The Wired Life!

Have you ever come across people, well maybe your old folks keep saying that, “Ughh.. Youngsters nowadays… They are not like us during our good old days. Our life was less disturbed by the gadgets and technologies. We are free to play in the wild and we are not afraid of being independent.”

You know what. They were wrong. During their so-called good old days, they were also being blamed by their oldies on their whereabouts, activities and chosen way of life. Believe it or not, one day, you would be like them too when you’re become oldies. You would feel uncomfortable with the youth of your generations.

Life is in a cycle. So, the truth is, if you are good people, you will be surrounded by good vibes and will get good destiny in return. Well, I am not saying that bad people will get something bad in their future, but, change for something good. The changes and attitude towards good things will give you a shield to achieve better and better things in your life. Years after years.

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