A Research of Big Data Analytics in the World’s Outbreak of COVID-19

This post is an appeal, an interest, a proposition, an idea and perhaps an initiation to a proper work that might be taken up by those who are in the right fields. It is prepared out of the writer’s to contribute to the idea on how to utilise the approach of Big Data in suggesting a problem solving method to the outbreak of COVID-19.

With current outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe, the campaign of lockdown and Movement Control Order which had been enforced in most countries had turned each citizen to practice something new in their life: social distancing, less movement, new learning paradigms, home-based jobs and new normal to be adopted during this period.

Out of curiosity, automation and information can play vital roles in aid to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading. Computing world and data science are essential disciplines to provide formulation for problem solving.

This entry is proposing a mechanism on how to identify the next research topic that can be studied by multi-disciplinary researchers particularly those who are familiar with Biomedical, Medicine and Computer Engineering knowledge to provide solutions and conclude remedies for this outbreak.


Study of Big Data in COVID-19 Cases

As per suggested by the above diagram, the area of scope of study is the Big Data of COVID-19. To further define its scope, we have identified that the broad topic is the Data Analytics of COVID-19 Family. Whilst the narrow topic of this study has been identified as Big Data Analytics (BDA) of COVID-19 and Fatality Records. Out of this practice, we initially put our focus topic as: Big Data Analytics of Possible Remedies from COVID-19 Case Records and Medicinal Approaches (certainly this topic will be further furnished once the right method of solution has been found).

Out of the identified focus topic, it is expected that the parameters of this study should include: (i) world’s/ local population, (ii) types of coronaviruses, and (iii) medicinal data of previous coronavirus cases. From these parameters, the variables involve might vary and widely defined spanning from the study of big data and computational area itself, with statistical patterns and data deduction/ induction, the types of medical equipments and chemical formulation, the precision of those machines and chemical testing, and human physiology and reactions to the propose remedies.

From this study, the expected outcomes would include minimum number of fatality (and hopefully towards zero death) and the medicinal remedies (approved by most chemists and registered medical practitioners) out of the performed study in this method.

The research framework should formulate on how those identified parameters to achieve expected outcomes. Methodologies can include matrices, optimization, decision support system and computational network. In addition, the scope of work can utilize the facilities of artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and machine learning.

#StaySafe Everyone ❤



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