The STEM, Keywords and Career Choices

We know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. But not many know on what options do we have out of its knowledge and skills that it offers. This infographic might be simple and less details. But to some, I believe it would give so much meanings and direction to the much debated STEM abbreviation.

This is STEM from my point of view. This is especially for the young generations seeking the meaning of their education and subject matter streaming. I believe you are going to  wander more by just looking at this simple graphics.

STEM Diagram

Science is the fundamentals that hold stories about the basic things in life and living creatures.

Technology is the applications to the science and engineering that makes life easier and provision of facilities.

Engineering is the formulations to the scientific theories and provides support to most of living necessities.

Mathematics is the rules of logic that promotes common senses in making life a better living from one phase to another.

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