Ten Best Infographics of Big Data – Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Methods

For the past three (3) years of doing a research on Big Data, it was intriguing to find that there is no exact definition for this technology and there is no limit to its innovations. Therefore, I am gathering among the best infographics on describing what is the Big Data Analytics on this post of which I have found them useful to represent the values of this technology and its adaptation to the Information World.


The following ten (10) infographics were prepared to deliberate on the methodologies of big data analytics found by major inventors and innovators for the next design and development of machine languages and technologies which were proven practical in our industrial world. The infographics were created either by Data Science companies, scholars, engineers and scientists.


The original resource locations of the graphics were included in the following listing.

  1. Big Data from Descriptive to Prescriptive by Gartner Analytics


2. The Evolution of Big Data Analytics by AYATA

AYATA info graphic v10 no registration mark.jpg

3. Analytics Approaches Abound by Intel


4. Emerging Trends in Data Analytics by Business Analytics Management (BAM!)


5. Big Data Analytics by Jars Services


6. The Analytics Value Chain by Andrew Stein


7. Big  Data and Analytics, Other Perspectives by Andrew Stein


8. Big Data Science for CODATA by Semantic Community


9. Big Data Analytics from Descriptive to Preemptive Analytics by Kirk Borne on Twitter Media


10. From Data Analytics to Deep Learning by ADATAO


Credits to all the webpages and hyperlinks that I have referred to on this post. May you find this information as useful too.

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