About Civilization

Civilization is not indicated by high rise buildings and skycrapers, or the installation of sophisticated electronic devices or fashion statements either male or female that are exposing the exploitation of body figure, or the use of beauty cosmetics and supplements claimed for health purposes without safety conformity.

Civilization is about ethical human capital development, that is able to progress and yield a noble lifestyle and credible racial enigma culturally, especially in the aspects of politic, socio-economy, technology, environment, and laws.

Civilization is a form of life which is able to define the social problem complication into simpler solution yet structured.

Civilization from the aspect of politic is about leadership by example. Either it is a top-bottom instruction or bottom-up transfer of knowledge, it should be of a congruent relationship. Credible leadership is a just administration and possess the elements of plan, do, check and act which is systematic and acknowledge the feedbacks on the effect of the implementation.

Civilization from the aspect of economy is about honest and trustworthy transactions. In each deal, there is balance in terms of household income and expenditures, family and community growth, and sustainable trade system either locally or internationally.

Civilization from the aspect of social is about etiquettes, virtues, and effective communication. To deliver effective communication is not only about the wisdom in elocution but also the listening skills. Etiquettes and virtues can be illustrated by the ability of anger management and control, understanding others’ difficulties when they are facing problems, observe the teaching tones when educating the young children, and avoiding every negative emotional consequences when interacting though we might be hurt by them.

Civilization from the aspect of technology is about appreciating the various design and innovation for life facilities. Technology inception is built upon man, machine and method. Civilised nation is about society that are knowledgeable to utilise the technology for life simplicity and not to depend totally on the technology to live. Civilised society knows that technology is contemporary and not a luxury to pride on. Civilised society also knows that if the technology fails, it does not mean that it is a failed technology, rather it is time for man to move on and change for something relevant.

Civilization from the aspect of environment is explicitly about the love for the nature. Being responsible for the cleanliness, sufficient use of minerals perhaps for the transportation and civil works purposes. Land utilisation for agricultural activities sustaining the food chain, shelter and protection, and health purposes either among the human beings or with other living things. Industrial efforts for the sake of basic necessities and life chain balance, and not the greediness of worldly materials.

Civilization from the aspect of laws is about reasonable justice in accordance to era needs, local geographical factor, governing adminstration and routine works which are proportionate with the life chain. Reasonable justice contains every element of politic, economy, social, technology and environment as mentioned in above paragraphs.

Therefore, the reality of a civilization is actually based on human development which should be built by plausible intelligence in the aspects of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Happy Labour Day, Malaysia. May 1, 2017.

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