Infographics on Information and Communications Technology Security

A quote from a TV Drama, CSI Cyber:

Avery Ryan: [voiceover during precredit opening sequence] My name is Avery Ryan. I was a victim of cybercrime. Like you, I posted on social media; checked my bank balance on; even kept the confidential files of my psychological practice on my computer. Then I was hacked. And as a result, one of my patients was murdered. My investigation into her death led me to the F.B.I., where I joined a team of cyberexperts, to wage a war against a new breed of criminal hiding on the deep web, infiltrating our daily lives in ways we never imagined. Faceless. Nameless. Lurking inside our devices. Just a keystroke away. It can happen to you…”

TV Drama series and movies depicting the cyber environments with strong script writing about the Information Technology always amaze me.

The following infographic is illustrating the definitions and components of Information Security, Computer Security, System Security, and Network Security.

Information Security concerns a broad aspect of protection in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Computer security is sometimes referred to as cyber security. It is about the security within the range of computing technology.

System security is much specific within the range of the system it is processing.

Network security is about the connection of one terminal to another and how much protection that it should offer.

Information Security

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