The emergence of computers, communications, wireless, and Internet technologies

Once upon a time, the telephone, telegraph, and computers are of different entities. People have found that these equipments are beneficial to their daily activities. Somehow, they also found difficulties in managing one machine with another. Sometimes they need them concurrently, sometimes consecutively. As time evolves, people have created a combination between one or two of these technologies. And today, we can find that the computers, telephones, communications, messaging equipments, and the Internet are accessible through one device.

But how did this happened? You can find a lot of timelines and graphical stories about each of these technologies through the Internet. You can even find the timeline development based on each of its brand, companies, built, or organisations associated with each invention. As for a brief summary to the four disciplines mentioned above, I have created the following Infographics for easy understanding on how we have come this far with the technologies.



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