The Viral Phenomenon and How Writings Have Evolved

You probably have noticed that current viral news and trending were mostly happened over the social media platforms. This phenomenon was initially created for the purpose of good marketing strategies and reaching global audience. 

However creation carries the characteristics of good and bad of a creation. The bad thing about news is that when it is misused and false information was shared, it is uncontrollable. Hence, this phenomenon is able to provide both the stardom of a person’s marketing strategy and the downfall of his mistakes.

This has intrigued me to search a bit about the history of writings, how people had communicated from the view of printed matters and how the writings had evolved over time. Take a look at these pictures. I have selected the timeline of these pictures from this book:

“What Happened When in the World: History As You’ve Never Seen It Before!”, DK, London, (2015).

The timeline:

50, 000 to 5,000 years ago – The ancient world. People mostly live in caves. They drew paintings of bison, rhinos, deer, and many other local animals.

3,400 BCE to 650 CE – People live in caves no more. They tend to write on rocks and stones during this era. Among the items found with writings were the clay tablets, Rosetta Stone, oracle bone script, discs from Crete, Greece, Germanic runes and knots in threads of llama in South America.

1st Century BCE – Paper was invented during China’s Han Dynasty. This even was replacing previous writing media such as bamboo and silk.

618-907 CE – Technology and art flourish during the Tang Dynasty. The oldest surviving printed book comes from Tang China.

1000 CE – China under Song Dynasty had created printing with movable type.

1440 CE – The medieval world. Printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. This printing press print text quickly despite the block printing which had been done by hand.

1971 – The 20th and 21st centuries. The first email was devised and sent by Ray Tomlinson at the technology company BBN.

2004 – Facebook was created by University of Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg. It is a social media networking over the Internet.

Whilst in between the 15th century to 21st century, the evolution of telecommunications had taken place. From the creation of telephone in 1876, the radio transmission across Atlantic in 1901 to the creation of World Wide Web in 1991, we have seen that the evolution of writings have transformed from static phase to a dynamic environment. This is because the revolution of writings had a marriage of pictures, texts, and words with communications and transmissions.

This what makes us today.

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