Are you a scientist, technologist or engineer?

When you were in school, you were taught the subject of sciences. You were taught about the process of photosynthesis, the state of matters, the energy and forces, and alike. Everything was in one subject until you have attended secondary/ high school which then you were only be taught that the processes of life is part of biology, the state of matters is part of chemistry, and the study on energy and forces is part of physics.

By then, perhaps you have started to instill the ambition of being a scientist until the day you have graduated from your high school and started to prepare for your college studies, you were then strucked by the choices of another two ‘future-decisions’, i.e. technology and engineering. So which one is suitable to choose according to your eligibility and which one promises a better future?

It’s ambiguous, right? You don’t even know what you’re going to be tomorrow what more for the next 3 to 4 years. Unless you knew what you want to become, yet you cannot deny the fact that sometimes you do like to ponder to some other fields besides the one that you have chosen.

Is it worth to become a scientist? Is it good to be a technologist? Does it pay good to be an engineer? Well, it depends actually. Old school would rather say if you’re an engineer, you would be well paid. But, in today’s economic unpredictable situations, you might want to hold to your luck more than your vocation. 

As a start, here is a sketch about the brief overview of science, technology and engineering. Nevertheless, you can search for so many definitions and explanation on the meanings of these three terminologies.


Yup, science is about doing experiments and observations on the nature of subject matter, with related knowledge and explanations, and often used for making predictions. Scientific discoveries are fundamental and trigger inception of theories and practicality of things.


Technology is putting the right skills in align with the right knowledge, ability and attitude, doing the prescribed processes and following the right methods and deliverables. In other words, technology is making the scientific foundation works.


While engineering is the product of mathematical computation, scientific evidence, knowledge abstraction, machine implementation, the processes involved and the economical requirement towards the production of a design or ideas on the new creations. Well, that sounds like everything yeah? 

Well, the last time when I wrote about the difference between computer science and engineering, I came to realize that some people had interpreted it as showing some superiority of one over another. Actually, it was not the case. The main point was to show on how much the time and load of studies were prepared for engineering students to find that once they have graduated, the pay was barely enough to make a living despite their blood and sweat they have embraced throughout their college years. To make it worse, sometimes they would found themselves underpaid if compared to computer science graduates which had only learned half of their subject credit hours. 

The same thing goes to this article. It was never meant to show superiority of one category upon another. Basically, it is for self awareness on the right direction that a person should undertake once they have made their decision to be part of these disciplines. The right answer should be within our interest, capability, drive and self-satisfaction. The best job is certainly the one that we could wake up every morning, with fresh mind, feeling proud with our achievements, but grateful at the same time, looking forward to serve, deliver the skills and knowledge that we have within our vocation.

In the end, we do hope that we make a good living out of the skills, experience and knowledge that we have contributed to the society and nation. And this ‘good living’ thing is not only about how much we could earn but also on how much we could aspire others to become one too.

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