How to Write an Effective Academic Publication?

I have been asked with this question many times. Not that I am an expert in writing an academia. Rather the question was imposed so that we exchanged the knowledge that we have within this area.IMG_3954

Basically, the rules of writing are just the same be it for any language that we are utilising. Be it English, Malay, Arabic or other languages, the same formulas as what we have learned at school shall implied. The manuscript should contain the three main parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Then, what are the things that we want to write? Yet I still want to connect the curricula being taught at school levels that writing a composition, essay, or any article should be of the same method. They should be able to answer the basic questions based on the 5W 1H formula: What, Why, When, Where, Who and How.

You see, the marriage of formal education with own life experiences will result a good writing manuscript. This is regardless of the target audience, be it at primary or elementary school levels or doctorate degree.

Hence, what are the questions that should be constructed from the 5W 1H?
In short, the questions should be constructed such as the following listing:

1. What:
– What do you want to write?
– What is the topic/ scope of study/ themes of the manuscript?
– What are the subtopics of the article?  ~ The subtopics will guide us on the limitations/ boundaries of our writing.

2. Why:
– Why do we need to write this article? ~ This question will guide us to define the aims and objectives of the research/ manuscript.

3. When/ Where:
– When/ Where from this part of the world that this article or research will benefit/ impact? i.e. specific country? Organisations? People? Business? Communities?

4. Who:
– Who is going to benefit from the article/ research being carried out?

5. How:
– How is it going to be implemented?  This question will lead to deliberations on the procedures, methods, frameworks, diagrams, flowcharts, algorithms, mathematical equations and etc. This is usually the question that will highlight the gist of the research being carried out.

At the end of the day, just make sure that we use the above guideline in a manner that it will tell us a clear story on what the research is all about. Organise the manuscript so that it will answer our first rule of writing that it should have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Then, that’s it. If we are able to answer all the questions and organise them accordingly, we certainly be able to finish our research and complete our academic writing successfully.

Good Luck!


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