How to do Attachment/ Data Collection Practice Abroad by Using HLP Scholarship?

How to do Attachment/ Data Collection Practice Abroad by Using HLP Scholarship?


You have the JPA Training Kit. You want to do the attachment practice but you don’t know where to start.

So, here’s the thing.

There are two things that we need to be clear about this.
i) The application to our host institution, and
ii) The application to JPA Malaysia.
From my experience, these are the steps that I have taken prior to my application of attachment to JPA. It means that before you request for JPA approval on your attachment practice, you need to settle these things first:

1) Supervisor recommendation.

On the first day of my PhD candidature, when I met my supervisor there are a number of advices she has given. One of the thing that she had highlighted was that, “Try to find some placement for attachment or some sort of training abroad. I believe that JPA has its expenditure on this matter. So, go overseas. In Malaysia, Technology is 10 years back. It’s good if you can see the technology from it’s birthplace for yourself”.

So, that’s it. Because that was her advice, from day 1 of PhD registration, I had already worked on feasible places that I can do attachment particularly in my research area.

And how I did it? I’ve sent emails to scholars/ researchers/ professors/ companies/ industries all over the world if they are interested to supervise me for 3 months period. Together with the email, I’ve attached my resume. So make sure that your CV is up-to-date. I got zero returns from companies & industries. Most probably I think because they tend to look more for undergrad that can work at first line of the shops/ services/ plants. Introducing ourselves as PhD candidate to be a trainee at their places does not give an appeal to them.

2) The response from the host institution.

To approach relevant universities abroad is quite tough (for me) because I need to restrict my search to the scope of my study. When approaching UK universities, a number of the professors gave me feedback that they have administrative issues if they take me to do attachment there. They said, the university’s admin do not allow them to supervise students outside UK. Other universities, yes, they can supervise provided that it is within UK too. So, that’s it. Though I’ve graduated from there during my Master degree, I gave up on them.

Sweden is nice. I’ve found Lund University is open to oversea researchers anytime that we can come. However, I got the offer from Lund at the same time as NDSU, USA. After much consideration on the language development (esp. for my thesis writing) and also the birthplace of green cloud computing itself, so I’ve decided to come to NDSU.

3) The match between the two universities.

When I’ve got positive response from NDSU, I referred the feedback to my main supervisor. NDSU supervisor contacted my main supervisor. They had a brief conversation. Then, that’s it. Can use their confirmation email to be forwarded to JPA as the invitation from the host country. I’m ready for the JPA and immigration documents then.

4) JPA documents.

Then, the JPA requirement documents come into limelight. So, we need to prepare:
a. Surat permohonan latihan sangkutan.
b. Surat tawaran daripada institusi latihan sangkutan yang akan kita lawati.
c. Surat sokongan penyelia (main sv is sufficient).
d. Rangka Kerja Kajian (Research Framework).
e. Laporan Kemajuan Semasa (Graduate Research Progress).
f. Perancangan jadual latihan sangkutan.
g. Keputusan peperiksaan terkini (jika berkaitan)

h. Request for Financial Affidavit from JPA (if needed by host country).

5) Timeline.

JPA requires that application for attachment is done at least 3 months prior to your departure. So, follow the rule. There are times that they are able to process your application ASAP, but there are also period of their question marks? So, be patient. It’s tedious and time consuming but be patient. Because of this, make sure that you plan the timeline of your attachment properly.

6) Visa.

While they are processing our application, just be sure that we check the Visa requirements for entering and residing at our host country. There are countries which we do not need any specific Visa, but as for me, going to the States with the designation of Visiting Scholar, they have requested that I show a proof of having some fixed amount of monthly income. So, I have requested JPA to prepare me financial affidavit. Otherwise, visa cannot be processed. So, be extra careful about the Visa needs. And plan your financial support as organised as possible.

For additional info on the process that I have undergone for this part, please read my post at this site: .

7) JPA Approval Letter.

After 2 – 4 weeks, usually you will get this. Then, work on your itinerary, insurance (if applicable) and other claims (spt tuntutan pakaian panas, etc) accordingly before you travel. You may also needed to prepare health screening (medical check up) report.

And that’s it. You’re good to go now.

All the Best everybody! ❤

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