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Public-Private Partnership Program

A Research of Big Data Analytics in the World’s Outbreak of COVID-19

10 States in 10 Days

Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Cybergogy

How Does an eProfiling System for Malaysian TVET Instructor Work?

Computer and Humanity

The STEM, Keywords and Career Choices

World Civilizations and History of Technology

Industry 4.0 vs Society 5.0

5 Ways Novice Users Can Learn Computer Science Without Fear

The Attraction of Malaysian TVET

TVET and Its Landscape in Malaysia

Data and Event Prediction

The Differences of Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Hour of Code and Computer Coding for Kids Campaign 2017

Can I Get Boys Who Code?

Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology

ASEAN Qualification Framework: A Comparison

Ten Best Infographics of Big Data – Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Methods

The Stone Arch Bridge of Minnesota

About Civilization

Infographics on Information and Communications Technology Security

How to Write A Research Title

The Emergence of Computers, Communications, Wireless, and Internet Technologies

The Computing Terms Compares to Its Common Science

Everything About Doing Research

The Web, the Data, and the AI

The Viral Phenomenon, and How Writings Have Evolved

Programming Languages and Kids’ Computer Coding

Are You a Scientist, Technologist, or Engineer?

The Differences between Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Networking, and Information Technology (IT)

How to do Attachment/ Data Collection Practice Abroad by Using HLP

10 Things You Need to Know If You Want to do a Research Attachment in the USA